Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Pro-Nazi Daily Mail owner Viscount Rothermere praises Hitler's anti-Jewish moves

July 10th 1933,

Pro-Hitler Viscount Rothermere, Great Grandad of current Mail boss (who is also called Viscount Rothermere) praises Hitler for ending "abuses" by "Jews" and "Israelites" - 

see the last paragraph headed "Alien Elements"

“The German nation , moreover , was rapidly falling under the control of its alien elements. In the last days of the pre-Hitler regime there were twenty times as many Jewish government officials in Germany as had existed before the war. Israelites of  international attachments were insinuating themselves into key positions in the German administrative machine . Three German Ministries only had direct relations with the press, but in each case the official responsible for conveying news and interpreting policy to the public was a Jew.

It is from such abuses that Hitler has freed Germany..." now read on

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